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Kindness Matters is a campaign designed to change the way people interact with each other. It is the legacy of 13 year old Peyton A. James, who took his life after years of bullying.

In this world of technology and constant communication, it’s often difficult to escape the ridicule that seems to be everywhere. The purpose of Kindness Matters is to change the dialogue that takes place between people every day.

Making a change on a global level is a challenge and it isn't something that only needs to be done in schools or in sound-bites. It is something that everyone, both young and old, can work together to accomplish.

Kindness Matters is not just about bullying because not everyone is a “bully.” However, everyone can be a little bit kinder to others. By doing that, we can change the world.

My Life In Words By Jacki James

  • A Day For All Moms

    A Day For All Moms

    I’m the motherless mother of an only child who has died and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. On that particular Sunday,...

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  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings

    In the hours between when we knew we were going to lose Peyton and when they pronounced him, his father and I were...

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