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Orange is the New Pink

In the 40 seconds it took you to open this page and begin reading, somewhere in the world, someone has died by suicide.  A beautiful, loved and loving soul is gone. Just. Like. That. I met a young lady today who lost her 18-year-old sister to suicide […]

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A Message of Love

Tomorrow is the big day.  I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  My room is decorated, my copies are made, I’ve attended all the required meetings and professional learning, and my student teacher is ready to go.  I’ll stand at my door and smile as […]

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High School Spirit

Tomorrow is 10 months since I lost my sweet boy.  Its hard to believe its been that long, but yet, it feels just like yesterday.  10 months without seeing his freckled face.  10 months without him trying to explain Minecraft to me.  10 months without having someone to explore […]

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More thank 15 Minutes of Fame – I Hope

Last week, Peyton was the feature story and cover image of the localGeorgetown View magazine. This is a very polished and professional publication that comes out every few months and is (as far as I know) free to Georgetown residents.  I’ve always admired their high – gloss […]

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What’s Your Sign?

After someone dies, I think it’s normal for those left behind to look for signs from their loved one.  Some people call this ghosts, other’s call it divine intervention. I’m not really sure what it is or what it should be called, but I want to believe it’s real. […]

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Is It Something I Said?

Though out this horrific journey, I’ve learned that there are 3 kinds of people . Those who say too much, those who say the wrong thing and those who don’t know what to say. In my heart, and, I hope, in theirs, I know there is no ill-will intended. […]

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My Name is Batman, but You Can Call Me Bob

Shortly after moving to Austin, Peyton and I discovered a local musician named Bob Schneider.  Actually, I fell in love with his music, especially the song “40 Dogs” and then made Peyton listen to every song I could find on iTunes.  But very soon, this music became […]

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Counting Days

We’ve just past the 8 month mark since the day Peyton left us on October 13.  In reality, he left us 5 days before.  When I talk about his death, I never really know which day to use as the day he died.  October 8 was the day […]

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Becoming “Mom”

Peyton’s birthday is on Tuesday.  He would be turning 14, but instead, he is forever 13.  13 years.  When you say it, it seems like a long time.  Its more than a decade.  Longer than any one person can be President.  Almost twice as long as my […]

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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 49th birthday and I sit here wondering how I got to this place in life.   My life is certainly not the one I thought I would have all those years ago in school. As a little girl, I wanted to be a mother, a […]

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