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Jacki has  20+ years experience as a teacher and 13 years experience as a mom. She can now add motivational speaker to her resume!  Since its creation in the fall of 2014, she’s brought the Kindness Matters message to over 13,000 students! She has the insight to help kids see how powerful their words are and how they can change someone’s life with just a simple act of kindness.

No one admits to being a bully, but everyone recognizes that they can be nicer to the person next to them. Kindness Matters is not just another “anti-bullying” campaign. Instead, it’s a PRO-KINDNESS message that shows young people the power of their words and the power of KINDNESS!

Jacki would love to come to your school to help your kids see how KINDNESS MATTERS!

2 weeks prior to the assembly, we’ll send you information for one Kindness Curriculum lesson to be completed before we arrive.  The assembly is 1-1.5 hours in length and includes  a hands on, participatory activity and a thought provoking photo slide show which both provide active student engagement. After the assembly, schools can participate in the Caught Being Kind activity for an additional fee that will extend the KINDNESS MATTERS message.

Contact Kindness Matters to set up your presentation today!

Presentation One:

The Power of Words

Peyton’s story

Words and their power

Changing the school environment

Changing the world through acts of kindness

Presentation Two:

Be An Upstander Not a Bystander

Overview of Peyton’s story

Students bullied in school and online

Bystanders and why they don’t step up

What you can do to be part of the Bystander Revolution


School Assembly:

Presentations last about 1.5 hours and are designed for groups of up to 350.  We are unable to give more than 3 presentations in one day.

1st presentation $600

2nd presentation (same day) + $250 ($850)

3rd presentation (same day) + $200 ($1050)

Travel fees additional

Required copies are the responsibility of the hosting party and will be sent electronically.

Caught Being Kind Extension Activity

0-200 students $100

201-400 students $200

401-600 students $300

+600 students – fee dependent on number of students

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