Today, I’m watching the movie, “Dr. Who” from 1975 – mostly because I know I’d be watching it if Peyton were sitting next to me. It’s cheesy and the special effects are laughable, but hey, it was 40 years ago. I guess it was pretty spectacular back then. As I sit here, realizing that Peyton loved a show that was created in the 60’s and that it is the longest continually running television show with over 800 episodes, it gives me pause to look at the show’s longevity. And I’m left to wonder why it has the staying power that it does.

My deduction is that it meets the needs of a vast audience and is continually evolving (much like main character, a Time Lord who is reborn over and over again). The show is built around a common theme – good versus evil, and has a hero that people can relate to. He is goofy and definitely nerdy; not your typical super hero. But super he is. He doesn’t use brawn to save the day, instead he uses knowledge and observation and connections to other characters. In doing this, he becomes someone just like us, but someone just a little bit better.

The more I watch the show, the more I understand why Peyton loved it so much. I also see that the Doctor is very much like Peyton. Both the Doctor and Peyton are sensitive and care about the people around them, often putting themselves in the line of fire to protect others. Both love to create and look for innovative ways to solve problems. Both love to travel and explore the world (or worlds) around them. For Peyton, I think the Doctor’s world provided an escape from his real life, the life he chose to leave.

Its funny really, how we can find the means to help us escape our daily lives. Some people use the internet, others use television or exercise or books or video games. My personal vice is Facebook and The Walking Dead. I guess everyone needs an activity that allows them to get out of their own head now and then and to not think about the problems or obstacles they face. Being in that mindless place has saved me time and time again as it keeps me from falling into that black pit that is always on the edge of my existence. So, for now, I’ll stay in my recliner with the pups that Peyton loved so much and I’ll lose myself into the world of the Doctor and Davros and the Daleks and I’ll feel like Peyton is right here with me and everything will feel normal. At least for a little while.